The Age of The Geek Blog about Linux, Android and Technology Tue, 15 Apr 2014 17:44:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 A tale of tablets Tue, 15 Apr 2014 17:44:14 +0000 Last Fall, I caught Scott Johnson’s weekly tip from  He stated that Amazon has a lending library for Kindle Fire owners.  At the time, I was very interested in getting one.  I had the Nook Color for sometime.  The Nook has a micro SD card slot, and can be dual booted to an Android rom, like Cyanogenmod.  It also had great battery life, but little to offer me in the Barnes and Noble side of the OS.

So I posted that I didn’t have a Kindle Fire.  Scott replied with a coupon and a link to Cowboom to purchase a used one.  I immediately did that.  I ordered the original Kindle Fire.  After a few weeks, I came across the second generation Kindle Fire for $10 more.  I had not received my original one, so I emailed them to cancel the order and I ordered the second generation.  I did not get a response to my email.  On Friday of that week, I worked on a laptop of a long time customer.  He told me that he was a little short on cash, but would I like to have his Kindle Fire HD.  He rarely used it for reading, and he did not like a screen that small to surf the web.  I said yes.  I was right away on the Lending Library and was deep into a new Linux book.  On Tuesday, the next week, the Kindle Fire arrived.  I opened it and thought I would try it a few days.  After I week, I found the Kindle Fire had better battery life than the HD did.  No surprise, as HD drains battery.  Then on Thursday of that week, the second generation Kindle Fire arrived.  Wait, I thought I canceled the original order.  It turned out that I did not, and they informed me that I only had 2 days after it arrived to return it.  So I also tried out the second generation.  It had 16 gb (vs 8 gb on the original) and the ICS version of the Amazon operating system.  I think I am just fine with the Amazon OS.  The problem I found is that the same apps push in-app purchases on Amazon, where they don’t on Google Play.  But I can easily side load the apps.   I ended up keeping the second one too long too.

So, my wife has the original (to read books out loud to the grandkids).  My granddaughter has taken over the second generation for Angry Birds and Strawberry Shortcake games.  And I have the HD for me.  At least I got one out of this deal.

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Ohio Linux Fest 2013 Tue, 01 Oct 2013 18:10:04 +0000 OLF2013a  




So this was the crew from Ohio Linux Fest 2013.  I once again had a great time there.  Three fourths of the Mobile Dynasty podcast and half of The Server Show crew were there.  (I am members of both of those podcasts.)

It was great to see many members of other podcasts such as Russ “The Beast” Wenner from the TechieGeek and the folks from The Linux Link Tech Show.

While some of the organization of OLF was lacking, the presenters were still top notch.  I was involved with the Podcasting with Linux presentation, and I had a great time talking to Jono Bacon about the Ubuntu phone.  (No Verizon compatibility YET).  Jono was very down to earth and was very available to ask questions and see his Ubuntu Nexus 4.     Kudos to HP for the great afterparty, food and the laptop they gave away.

Ellis “Clark Kent” Owens spent some Yoda time trying to straighten out the Android seminar.  “Oh master Ellis, how do I root my …”

Lots of old friends to see there like Kevin “kbNexus” Barry, Ed Liddle and Chuck “the Rhino” Green.  A couple of very memorable items for me, was the chance to really talk to Bill Wenner. Bill is the head of the other father and son team at OLF besides me and Clark Kent.  And I also got to talk to and meet Buyer Brown and Fred.   Last year they were to busy with the video camera for me to talk to them.  I also got to spend some time with John “Stormwatch” Miller.  John has been a great help as an online friend this year with many, many Linux items.  And we got to share some good times at the Mongolian Grill.

This OLF will go down as having some very historical moments like (1)the traditional 2 am walkabout with Door, (2)me falling asleep in maddog’s talk, (3)the look on the waitress face at BD’s Mongolian Grill when Door said..(you had to be there for that one).  Also me falling asleep again in another one of maddog’s talks and snoring (Hey, I was up to 4:30 am and then back up again at 8:30 am.  Deal with it).

Me wondering why so many people are looking at me as I wake up during maddogs talk. I was snoring.  You get the picture.  At least maddog did’t stop talking.

I also very much enjoyed talking to John Neusteter who made a surprise visit down from Canada.  If you have not heard John’s tutorials on the old Linux Basix podcasts, especially on the various folders in Linux and what they are used for, then you are missing an educational experience.  Also had a great time with Bill “Red Dwarf” Wilson.  Bill is a one of a kind guy.  I was on a limb on where I was going to stay, and like a true friend, Bill rose up to the occasion to help me out.  It ended up that I didn’t need his help, but Bill was still there.

Last, but not least, was the opportunity to be with the guys from the Geeksters.  Many hours spent with Martin “Tater” Obando and Mitch Haman.  (Hey Martin are you going to join us for the picture or are you a couch potato.” Thus, Tater, was named.  We also got to be with the late arriving PC Freddy and the very, very late arriving Tim Bowermeister.  None of these guys are how you picture them when you meet them (Fred was bigger-like football player bigger, Tim was thinner).  But it was a great Saturday night for me with the Geeksters.

I will be going back next year.  I missed some of our friends from last year like Steve Cherubino, Sean Johnson, Eric Arduini, Steve D’Amico and Lima Tidwell.

The talks are definitely good, but the friendship and camaraderie is the best part of all.

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Server Show # 004 Posted Tue, 27 Aug 2013 20:41:37 +0000 Yes, we just recorded Server Show # 005.  If you were watching it live, you can see that I was attacked by visitors.  No, it was not Ninjas.  No, it was not Zombies (good thing my shotgun was loaded).

Yes the doorbell rang and rang.


And a LANDSHARK got me.


Watch it on Youtube if you don’t believe me.


And we posted the audio to the Server Show 004

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The Server Show Wed, 03 Jul 2013 17:31:13 +0000 I am on a new podcast.  It is called The Server Show, on the Podnutz network.  Steve McLaughlin, Chad Wollenberg, Josh Williams and I meet to talk about different parts of a server as well as different kinds of servers.  We have different experiences with Windows Servers, Linux Servers and even Mac Servers. If you go to you can download our introductory show.  We start out show 001 with talking about backups and our favorite options.  It is posted here.   We did have a little bit of a disappearing act.  Josh “Knucklehead Tech” Williams was missing in action for our two shows.  I think his Windows Mobile phone was on the fritz.  I also did a disappearing act in show 001, but reappeared as my Internet went poof in the middle of the show.   Let us know what you think and what you want to hear.   We won’t talk about Small Business servers.  That’s where Podnutz Pro comes in.  Post comments below or in the Podnutz forums.  We are there every day.

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Enter the new Dynasty Thu, 27 Jun 2013 20:02:20 +0000 We will be re-launched under the Podnutz network as Mobile Dynasty.  Our old podcasts will remain with  The new stuff is set for Mobile Dynasty.

We are working at some monumental modifications to bring us aboard.  When I say monumental, I mean that the Door to Door Geek has to do the web design and it is not that easy.


That being said, we are in the design phase right now.  What do we want to cover?  How often to podcast?  Where to post updates?  New Logo, etc, etc.

Our home for posts will be the Google+ Community for Mobile Dynasty.  Us four bearded guys will be posting the significant Android news.


But you may see some new stuff too.  Like the Firefox fone. (sorry got carried away with my Fs)  Or Ubuntu Touch.   Mobile is our focus.   Some of our devices have changed over the hiatus.  We will talk about that.

Watch out on when we launch.  Look for our community on Google+ (that is THE only social network right?)  Ok, we may do Twitter too.

Goodnight Friends.



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Droid Nation update Thu, 27 Jun 2013 18:43:11 +0000 I get asked every once in a while “What happened to Droid Nation?”  Well, we were having some issues with our web server and hosting provider.  As many of you know, we rotated our line up, and Jonathan Nadeau was full steam ahead pursuing the construction of the Sonar Linux distro.  This cause some delays as we needed some information from Jonathan on our previously recorded podcasts.

Then our website, Droid-Nation .com (the space is intended) got hacked.  It showed up as containing malicious malware by Google Chrome.  We fixed it, and it got it again.

We have moved all of our previously recorded podcasts to (no dash).  From there you can download the classics.

Now, with a huge amount of effort of Steve McLaughlin (Door to Door Geek) we are moving to the Podnutz network.  Ellis Owens (ClarkKent434) announced it on an Android App Addicts a few weeks ago.

More to come soon…

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A little Linux goodness Tue, 04 Jun 2013 14:02:04 +0000 I was looking through one of my Linux machines and found some old notes I had made.  These are from Linux Basix podcast.  John Neusteter gave an absolutely detailed explanation of the file structure of a Linux installation.  I have pulled this out time and again to look at, as I was looking for a program or where something in located.  Here you go:


/bin     basic programs (Programs that are absolutely needed, shell and commands only)
/boot    initialization files (Required to actually boot your computer)
/dev     device files (Describe physical stuff like hard disks and partitions)
/etc     configuration files
/home    users’ home directories
/lib     basic libraries (Required by the basic programs)
/media   mount points for removable media
/mnt     mount points (For system admins who need to temporarily mount a filesystem)
/opt     third-party programs
/proc    proc filesystem (Describe processes and status info, not stored on disk)
/root    system administrator’s files
/sbin    basic administration programs (Like bin, but only usable by administators)
/srv     service-specific files
/sys     sys filesystem (Similar to proc, stored in memory based filesytem: tempfs)
/tmp     temporary files (Files not kept between boots, often in tempfs)
/usr     most programs (Another bin, etc, lib, sbin, but for less important files)
/var     varible data (Similar to tmp, but preserved between reboots

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JellyBean 4.2.2 Fri, 22 Feb 2013 23:26:18 +0000 I am running Carbon ROM on my Galaxy Nexus.  Smooth as butter.  I really haven’t noticed a big difference from my other Roms.  Maybe cause I am still running Franco’s kernel updater.  We will see.

FOLLOWUP: I was drawn to this ROM because it was made from the Developers from Liquid Rom.  A very respectable Rom and it also had other well known devs such as Kejar.   But my Google Now would slowly pop up on the right side of the screen.  Then I would never see the Google Now Cards.  It was frustrating.  I also experienced some occations of freezing while on Google Plus.  So I went to Rootzwiki and downloaded TODAY’s update to Xenon HD rom.  Much faster and no freezing.  Google Now works like a charm.

Welcome Back Xenon HD

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Droid Nation, Tech Frustration Thu, 14 Feb 2013 14:41:04 +0000 Hello Friends

Well we just recorded Droid Nation 53.  We have been moving on recording shows, even with extreme technical difficulties publishing them.

Our current status is awaiting our Hosting Provider to do some “Black Magic” and get the site back connected properly with our account.   I was just told that it will be done soon.  But it means a tremendous amount of work.  All of us have been beset by “Tech Frustration” over this.

On the other hand, we are looking a developing a new and innovative (for us anyway) media offering.  This one has born fruit in the last 24 hours.  A lot of this will depend on the DN team to get it done.  But it will be done.

Keep the faith.  We are.

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Droid Nation 50 Thu, 24 Jan 2013 20:30:49 +0000 Last night we recorded Droid Nation 50.  Due to some technical difficulties with our website, we have to make other arrangements to fix publishing the podcasts we have ready to go. My goal on the show, is to wear the “Steve Cherubino” shoes.  I may not always bring the goods, but I will keep us on track and add to the discussion when necessary.  Sometimes, like last night, you have small disasters where one co-host’s PC is rebooted during the show and you have to work around his part of speaking.  That is the kind of activity that keeps me on my toes and makes Podcasting so much fun. Speaking of Steve Cherubino, I want to give thanks to him for helping me pick out a new microphone and headset.  I am using the Samson Q2U usb condenser mike with the stand.  I think it has improved my sound 100%. Stay tuned, as we will get it fixed and up and running soon.

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